Apple said to have “copied” an iconic Swiss clock design

Reports from The Verge tell of how SBB is not happy with one of the newest features in Apple’s iOS 6, with the said appearance and look of the new operating system’s “watch” resembling the look of an iconic watch design.

Said to be a trademark design by Mondaine, the design is reported to have originally been placed in Swiss railway stations, with the reported telling of an SBB spokesperson noting that the Cupertino-based brand “did not ask permission before using the design.”
Apple said to have “copied” iconic Swiss clock design
The report also notes that the company is not intent on chasing the matter to court as of its writing, with the company being more liable to find an “amicable agreement and compensation” ground over the matter.

Screenshots in comparing the original watch’s design and the design being featured in the new iOS 6’s clock were shown in the same report, with the said designs bearing a too uncanny resemblance between each other.

The report also notes of previous instances when Apple did “borrow” previous design directives into their line of products, mentioning Braun as one company which the iOS Calculator’s design is reported to be based on.

Given Apple’s reputation for churning out quality products gilded with clean cut and modern minimalist designs, the report’s details are somewhat disheartening to hear about, considering how Apple has established its reputation for being slick when it comes to looks.

Though not exactly a deal breaker when talking about the overall quality of Apple’s featured wares, the report’s overall story is somewhat saddening to hear about.

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