Apple Starting to Work on Mac OS X 10.8

We talked previously about the new Mac OS X. MacRumors now has reports that state that Apple has already begun to  work on the next major Mac OS X. This version will be labeled as the 10.8.

The last version the 10.7 was released in July 2011. OS X Lion was the first version of Mac OS X to be distributed through the Mac App Store and it included a number of new features for the Mac. These features we the Launchpad, full-screen apps, a new combined interface for Dashboard, Expose, and Spaces known as Mission Control, enhanced Multi-Touch gestures, and improvements to a number of core applications such as Mail. There have been no announcement as yet that this version will be out soon. However we got our evidence from the appearance of the 10.8 version in the Apple web logs.

The graph below shows you the amount of web visits from Mac OS X 10.8  users in the past.

It is important to realize that the overall clustering is consistent with limited internal testing. In the graph below you can see that the results were to the  early OS X 10.7 requests which began in October, 2009:

If you remember we first found out about he 10.7 version about a year before we found the first developer preview and also 20 months before i was released for customer usage. This means that it could still be some time before we get hold of this new version.

There has been little hints to what we can expect from the 10.8 version however we expect that this version will be released sometime next year as Apple have been known to release an new version every year. We are interested to find out what Apple will be calling this OS X line. what do you think it will be?

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