Apple Stereo Earphones with Mic & Remote Review

Apple Earphones with Microphone & Remote Revuew

Apple Earphones with Microphone & Remote

After a couple of years of using my iPhones and Macbook Pro, I’ve finally gotten a hold of the right stereo equipment to fit on these devices and act as a 2-in-1 (sound system and microphone) device!

And yeah, I did try putting in other earphones and headsets with mic on these Apple products and I was of course baffled at first why there isn’t a microphone jack available on my MBP the way most of my Windows based computers do, I’ve finally taught myself that it needs only a device from Apple itself to be able to do some decent Skype voice meetings on it and thankfully, that time has come!

Without further delay, here are some quick specs of the Apple Sterio Earphones with Mic & Remote that I have now been playing around for more than a week:

  • Price: $30.99
  • Microphone: Built-in
  • Volume Control: Built-in
  • Compatability: iPhone, Macbook Pro (it should also work with other Apple devices but I’ve tested it with these 2 devices)

The Review

The earphones came in the “the Apple way” – minimalist to say the least. That means, when the package arrived, it was as think as a greeting card and when opened, it only had the earphones itself together with the protective plastic around it. Sure I’d love for the original packaging to come along with it but then again, that might cost you more and after a few seconds of unwrapping joy, you won’t be looking for it anyway unless you have a full stack of boxes hidden somewhere in your house hoping someday you’ll end up with a museum for them.

Had I written my review for this devices the moment I’ve tried it on my iPhone and MBP, I would have been quite emotional since it’s been a really long time since I’ve been longing for them – a sound system that has a mic for my MBP. Therefore, I had to give it some time just so it won’t blind my thoughts of its pure awesomeness!

The design of the earphones is as what I’ve said earlier as well, minimalist just as Steve Jobs would have wanted it. I’m not sure though if this is the OEM Apple earphones since the one feature on Apple store here doesn’t look the same to what I’ve got. Nevertheless, I doubt anybody can figure out this isn’t an Apple OEM device if used with any other Apple product.

The quality of the earphones is great – in all aspects and that includes the sound, the mic as well as the built in volume controller which at first you’ll find hard to look for since it’s been built to naturally camouflage itself as part of the wire!

I wish I could say a certain “decibel” meter when saying the sound quality is great but then again, I’m no audiophile and I ain’t trying to be so please if you are one, take my “great” sounding earphones with a grain of salt.

Overall, I’m just extremely happy that I’ve found this earphones with mic and remote that’ll work with both my iPhone and MBP.



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