Apple Stores said to support “Passbook-driven” Purchases

Talk of Apple soon to replace its EasyPay point-of-sale system have been circulating, one which is pegged in line with Apple’s said upcoming implementation of Passbook.

Reported to happen by the end of October, the new feature found in the iOS 6 will be able to take center stage when users bring their mobiles/tablets to brick-and-morta Apple stores, an act which is perceived as a means towards facilitating faster and more convenient modes of payments and purchases.

Apple Stores said to support “Passbook-driven” Purchases
Based on a report from TUAW, a person “familiar with Apple’s retail operations” is said to have “leaked” the news, with the report stating that the implementation of Passbook will kick off with certain limitations, utilizing prepaid gift cards as its initial payment portal base.

Talk of Apple to implement an Apple Store digital card or medium was also mentioned in the report, a medium on which Apple users could easily add funds or credits to though available electronic finance/payment management systems.

Prior to the release of the iOS 6, Apple had laid out what the Passbook is geared to accomplish, but the brand wasn’t able to match its featured capabilities when the iOS 6 officially rolled out.

Positioned as a means for retail outlets to effectively manage their barcode-based assets and inventories, many iOS 6 users have been eager to “road test” the new Passbook’s potential for secure and convenient purchases, with the announced implementation of Passbook standards in Apple Stores being highly anticipated.

Though it is too soon to tell if Passbook does have the potential in changing the way people would pay for things, its said official rollout is one which everyone is eager to witness.

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