Apple Stores Will Soon Let You Self-Checkout Using iOS App

The Apple Store app is already very much liked by Apple customers as it lets you book appointments as you local Genius Bar and aslo reserve items so you can pick them up straight away from you local Apple Store. But Apple always wants more.

Starting from the 3rd of November more tools will be added to the current Apple Store. These functionalities will allow you to check your own purchases out at Apple’s physical retail locations.

MacRumors along with other sources confirmed earlier that this new  functionality will allow you to purchase physical goods using your Apple ID. Then when you have done so you will receive and email receipt and then you will be able to pick it up simply from you Apple Store.

However, not all devices are left in the open, expensive devices as  the iPhone and Mac are locked away in store rooms behind the store. You would still need to go through sales to walk out with one.

Via Cultofmac

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