Apple to buy Beats for a mere $3 billion?

Trendy and colorful designs, endorsed by Premier League Footballers, with a technology to match, Beats headphones has been an earmark in the world of compact mp3 players in the music universe. Aside from their product, Beats Music streaming services could prove a very good ally for iTunes.

Because of the $3 billion deal, Dr. Dre will be crowned top-earning musician for this year. Though people might think $3 billion is pretty expensive, some experts say it could be a draw considering the product and services mentioned.


If we take a look closely, Apple has been devoted to the music industry and has been innovative enough to take its advances in fighting piracy and streaming good quality music, matched by their awesome ipod’s and other gadgets. Buying Beats would secure their positions in the music world and would strengthen their throne against competitors.

Even though this would be marked as one of the biggest deal which created so much controversy, $3 billion is only 2% out of Apple’s $150 billion profit. Beats reportedly earns $1 billion in revenue annually, Apple will surely get it back in no time.

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