Apple Wins a Victory over Samsung in Australia

A Federal Court judge  required more time to study Apple’s claims, this came after a two day court hearing on whether sales by the Korean tablet manufacturer should be halted in Australia. Due to the judged requirement the launch of Samsung’s Galaxy 10.1 Tab. The Korean company is seeking to get a ban for the production and selling of the iPad and iPhone in the Netherlands.

Justice Annabelle Bennett told both parties that, “Technology moved very quickly,” and she suggested that this matter is resolved as quickly as possible. As reported by Bloomberg, Apple’s lawyer, Steven Burley, told the judge that Apple was ready to go to trial next week. This was on Monday.

As we posted earlier that Samsung thinks that they have been passive and they now intend to take a more aggressive approach in this lawsuit. Bennett said, “this is a high stakes fight,” as both parties are taking an aggressive approach and will not back down at any cost. Bennett predicts that this lawsuit will not be resolved before the new year, even though it would be better for both parties to resolve this matter. There have been claims that earlier this month, Samsung claimed that the iPad infringes seven patents.

For now, Samsung has delayed the paunch of its Samsung 10.1 Tab as mentioned above and this followed the claims that the Galaxy 10.1 Tab infringes upon the iPad, as reported by Burley. There has also been reports that the Korean company has reduced the functionality of its new Tab to avoid infringement claims.

The reports that we received that the Mac maker’s, Apple, is buying its components from Intel and Infineon, therefore they do not need to have royalties to Samsung. Infineon was acquired for $1.4 billion by Intel in January 2011, and we now know that there have been reports that Apple’s CEO is very happy with this purchase. Also prior to that date Apple was buying base-band chipsets from Infeneon and they did not have a license from Samsung at the time.

Taking into account all the previous claims and reports, we have just received reports that Apple has successfully sued Samsung in Germany, and that the German court has also temporarily banned the Galaxy 10.1 Tab until a patent-infringement trial takes place.

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