Apple VS Samsung, yet again

Apple recently filed a motion for injunction against Samsung, specifically towards the Korean-brand’s Galaxy Tab 10.1. The filing came after Apple won its appeal from federal courts, and was filed last Friday.

Long story short, if things would lean towards Apple’s side, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 faces the chance of being pulled out from shelves in the United States.

The motion filed covers issues pertaining to the iPad’s design patent, which isn’t the first time to ever be. In Germany, Samsung had to initiate a redesign on the Galaxy Tab, coming out with a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1N as a resolution.

Forecasts note that if the most recent motion filed comes to give merit Apple’s pleas, the Galaxy Tab 10.1’s reshelving would happen as early as June this year.

Of late, industry analysts and experts, even casual observer electronic consumers, have noted a “falling out” of sorts between Apple and Samsung. Being the primary supplier of Apple-device LCDs at one time, reports indicating that Samsung isn’t part of the roster of LCD providers for the new iPhone says something about Apple’s and Samsung’s relationship, as speculations would surmise.

In fact, Samsung’s release of the S III, with its 4.8 inch screen, is noted to be the motivating factor as to why Apple’s next iPhone model is rumored to sport a 4 inch screen, as a “counter” to the S III’s bigger brighter display size.

Experts and analysts do agree, however, that if Galaxy Tabs are to be taken down from shelves this June, the situation won’t drastically affect Samsung, but the loss would be a publicity advantage for Apple against Samsung.

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