Apple “weaning off” its brink-and-mortar stores in the UK?

As the highly anticipated “iPhone 5” is nearing its said release date, a new bit of gossip revolving around Apple had recently come up, this time involving the alleged layoffs issued to a number of Apple Store personnel in the UK and other locations.

An entry from MacRumors recently claimed to have gained first hand reports from former Apple Store employees, who noted that Apple had recently laid off recently hired retail staff, as part timers are currently working on shorter work schedule shifts.

apple store
Based on the report, Apple has been quick in “letting go” of Apple Store personnel who had been with them for less than six months, along with newly trained employees who had just started working on the actual field.

The report also notes that veteran Apple Store personnel who had recently risen up the ranks were bumped down to their lower tiered positions, a situation which doesn’t exactly brings a smile to one’s face.

The New York Times recently published a profile feature regarding Apple and how the brand treats its retail personnel, with the said feature noting that those employees had enjoyed little from the brand name’s increasingly growing commercial success.

With still no voiced out reports of lay mass offs happening in Apple Store retail branches in North America, the news is one which calls up a lot of questions over what Apple is exactly doing with its people, should it be true that Apple has been getting rid of its tenured retail personnel.

Either way, as the world is eagerly waiting for the next iPhone to come, a number of Apple Store employees have little to expect from what Apple has for them.

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