Apple will launch an 8 megapixel camera iPhone, the iPhone 4S

iPhone 5 design

With only a few hours till the Apple’s Lets Talk iPhone event, We have been briefed on what to expect at the event later today. There have been reports that have revealed that Apple will be introducing the new iPhone 4S today. This iPhone will feature an eight megapixel camera, this camera will have enhanced optics and will have definitive GPS features, of course not forgetting the new A5 processor.

We have also heard that the iPhone 4S will be more powerful that the iPhone 4. Also others have said that it will feel like a high-end device, all of this is indeed confirming that Apple’s new device will have the new A5 processor and have a 1GB RAM. However, having the same design as the iPhone 4.

The camera resolution is said to be a  3264 × 2448 resolution. This information about the 8 megapixel camera agrees with the accidental confirmation we received from Howard Stringer, the CEO of Sony, saying that they are expected to supply eight mega pixel cameras to Apple for their next generation iPhone.

We have all heard the rumors about the iPhone 5 and that it was supposed to feature a teardrop design and aluminium unibody, we have had confirmation that this is just an initial prototype but the iPhone will not be available any time soon. So the only new iPhone we will be seeing today will have the same design and dimensions as the previous one.

With the iPhone 4S being references in the latest iTunes Beta, many believe that they will not see an iPhone 5 today. Ant to be honest as time passes this information seems more and more likely to be true.

This may come as a disappointment to those Apple fans out there, but freat not there will still be a lot to look forward to with the iPhone 4S especially with the new A5 processor and the 1GB RAM.

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