AppleCare to offer in-store iOS device repair services by fall this year

Good news for iDevice owners; AppleCare will be offering a new range of services by fall this year, including in-store iOS device repair services that covers products which are already beyond their warranty terms.

In a report featured by AppleInsider, it is revealed that Apple Vice President Tara Bunch, during a town hall session, noted significant changes to the services roster offered by the AppleCare and AppleCare+ service programs.

The changes are primed in offering more services that are not only attractive for electronic consumers, but also practical and relevant to the needs of iDevice owners.

Based on the report, Apple currently has the capacity to replace broken home buttons, speakers, vibrator motors and receivers, iDevice components which the upcoming service offering aims to address as part of its featured service offerings.

It is also revealed that screen replacements are also to be made available, along with camera replacements too. Also, issues pertaining to batteries can also be addressed by the upcoming in-store repair service tied with AppleCare.

Apart from the updated services roster, the AppleCare service itself is noted to go through a major reconstruction, primed to operate on a subscription-based model, one that is linked to a customer and not necessarily to a specific product.

The new model allows for One to One training programs too, as part of its listed features. Reportedly, an “exclusive 24/7” support feature is also noted to be part of the upcoming AppleCare subscription model.

Should the new AppleCare and AppleCare+ roll out, will you be signing up to have your iDevice checked? Perhaps have its battery replaced?

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