Apple’s “All-Time Top Apps” is revealed, part of its 50 billion app download countdown

In line with its 50 billion app downloads countdown, Apple recently featured its “All-Time Top Apps” list, featuring the top downloaded apps of Apple’s App Store.

All-Time Top AppsThe overall premise of the list is essentially no different from last year’s and 2011’s, with the same lists featured in line with a similar app downloads countdown scheme.

Charting the top 25 apps categorized in for the iPad and iPhone in “Paid” and “Free” main categories, the current chart features apps which had also appeared in last year’s list, with a number of newcomers also included.

Angry Birds and Facebook continue to be featured in this year’s list, just as the apps had appeared in previous lists in the past.

For the iPad “Paid” category, Pages is the top downloaded app, followed by Angry Birds HD, Angry Birds Seasons HD, Where’s My Water and Fruit Ninja HD. For the iPhone “Paid” category, Angry Birds is at the top, followed by Fruit Ninja, Doodle Jump, Cut the Rope and Angry Birds Seasons.

For the iPad “Free” category, Skype for iPad is at the top, with The Weather Channel for iPad, Netflix, Angry Birds HD Free and Kindle following after. For the iPhone “Free” category, Facebook for the iOS, Pandora Radio, Instagram, YouTube and Skype are the top 5 apps.

In nearing the celebration of 50 billion app downloads, Apple is certainly proud of the upcoming milestone, one which illustrates how ingrained the smartphone, apps and the digital distribution of content has become a mainstay in today’s highly digital times.

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