Apple’s App Store Notes

A relatively new feature found in Apple’s App Store had recently been the focus of online discussions and industry guards, taking shape in App Store Notes.

Initially rolled out last December, the feature is essentially designed to better facilitate the delivery of information regarding Apple curated titles in App Store, which pretty much helps iOS-driven device users gain more insight and information about applications they intend to download or purchase.

Apple’s App Store Notes
Upon its increased circulation, confusion over how new or what the feature is about was first encountered, with a MacRumors post hinting questions as to where the feature can be found in Apple’s roster of curated apps, mostly delving into the markers of qualifiers which deem an app worthy.

After a report update, confusion revolving around App Store Notes was clarified, with the update sharing that, “the feature now appears to be rolling out more broadly to other curated App Store sections,” after noting that it first came out last December for titles which made it to Apple’s Best of the Year list.

From highlighted App of the Week titles, to best app merits, the new App Store Notes feature has been found in “What’s Hot” titles, along with “New and Noteworthy” categorized apps.

Including games and productivity genre apps, not all “What’s Hot” titles have App Store Notes, but this may just change as Apple little by little adds the new App Store Notes feature into app title pages.

Also, the new App Store Notes feature is currently found in the iOS App Store, and not in the desktop iTunes version.

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