Apple’s Browser Rules noted to be the reason why Firefox for the iOS isn’t out

A report featured in CNet delves into the reason why Firefox for the iOS won’t be rolling out anytime soon.

Mozilla VP Jay Sullivan, in the report, shares that Apple is too strict with the standards and requirements for third-party developed browsers, resulting to certain conflicts and issues in a user’s overall experience with the app.

Apple’s Browser RulesIn 2012, Mozilla is noted to have “pulled out” its Firefox Home app from App Store, leaving the browser group not inclined in rolling out newer versions for the iOS system, unless Apple’s current rules would cut them some slack.

From requiring developers to utilize Apple’s own WebKit variant, the mobile OS suite is also noted to inhibit users from utilizing non-Safari apps as their mobile’s primary mobile web browser.

What’s interesting to note is that Mozilla’s sentiments were shared during a South by Southwest Interactive talk, with other representatives of other mobile web browser products present during the occasion.

Though certain considerations over Apple’s rules had been raised during the course of the discussion, the talk did ask just how many of the present browser developers were affected by their implementation.

Few hands were noted to have been raised when the question was asked, leaving casual observers to wonder just what is going on.

Think the reason why Firefox for the iOS is because of Apple’s stricter rules? Or is Mozilla simply hiding behind this smokescreen for the lack of a better reason?

While we’re at it, what browser do you use with your iPhone or iPad?

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