Apple’s “Earpods” incites trademark lawsuit from hearing aid company

Unveiled with the iPhone 5, Apple’s “Earpods” has been the subject of an ongoing trademark lawsuit, filed by digital hearing aid company Randolph Divisions.

Based on a report featured by The Next Web, the company is noted to have filed the suit in the Hawaii District Court in Honolulu, with its claims noting that Apple’s “Earpods” is too close to the company’s “HearPods” digital hearing aid series.

A permanent injunction on the basis of “trademark infringement, unfair competition and dilatation” is noted to be part of the suit Randolph Divisions had filed, with the company calling for the erasure of Apple-related materials pertaining to the “Earpods” name.

It is noted that Apple does have the US trademarks for “Apple Earpods” and “Earpods”, but the Cupertino-based IT giant failed to acquire the online domain names for and

Currently, the domain redirects to, a site that is currently registered to the Hearpods digital hearing aid series by Randolph Divisions.

As a relatively new Apple-branded product, the “Earpods” is essentially a hands-free kit designed for enhanced audio experiences to take place with the use of iPhones and/or iPods. The “Earpods” is essentially designed with its own microphone, just as it is also built as a wired “remote control” device when plugged to supported iPhone versions.

While forecasted resolutions regarding the case are not yet handy, the news of its filing has somewhat sparked a number of mixed sentiments towards both parties from netizens and industry experts and analysts.

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