Apple’s “iRadio” reportedly stalled due to “royalty terms” disagreements

While various online media outfits have been quick in taking about the upcoming launch of Apple’s “iRadio” service, a report published by the Financial Times says something about a snag revolving around delays in its expected summer launch.

Reportedly, Sony Music and Apple are said to have not yet come to a settlement regarding “royalty terms” involving Sony’s represented artists and talents and “iRadio’s” overall service/subscription/purchasing premise.

Reportedly, Apple and Universal Music had come to an agreement regarding “iRadio” last April, just as Apple is reported to have secured a deal with Warner Music. With Sony Music noted for being the second largest major music record labels, it can be said that securing a deal with Sony Music is something which Apple can’t afford to miss.

The reports and rumors of an Apple-branded internet radio service is something which has been around for a long time, dating back to some ten years in the past when iTunes first rolled out.

With the iOS 6.1 mobile platform noted to have a hidden “radio buy” button, the premise behind an Apple-backed “iRadio” was revived once again.

The rumored highlights of “iRadio” includes support for music purchases/buying, along with an activities-based music prediction system that matches particular types of songs with a user’s musical preference.

Music streaming remains to be the core highlight of “iRadio”, something which has somewhat become a norm in today’s highly digitally driven times.

Should Apple actually roll out “iRadio”, will you shift from Pandora or Spotify?

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