Apple’s Maps – Already foreseen to fail?

As it turns out, Apple is alleged to have already known how much its Maps navigation and mapping service would fail.

A report from CNET reveals that developers, in relation to how badly Maps had been received by end-users, knew that Apple was quite aware of its downsides, yet went on and launched the app/service with its Maps-integrated iOS 6 mobile operating system.

Prior to its official release, developers had received beta versions of the iOS 6 which had included a version of Apple’s Maps. As with how beta versions work, a number of developers note that they did jot down bug issues, sending them to Apple via email as a heads up.

Apple Maps
The report goes as far as saying that some developers posted threads and discussions in private forums/message boards, basically sending a singular message to Apple: There’s something wrong with Maps.

All in all, developers are saying that, prior to its official release, Apple was already informed about Maps potential to fail, and given how Maps had been released, developers are quick in saying that Apple did know about its problem areas yet went on in letting it loose.

With Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, apologizing for Maps’ inability to deliver quality services and functions, it is difficult to tell what Apple was thinking when Maps rolled out.

Given the alleged news that the Cupertino-brand was aware of how it could blow up in their face, the scenario doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in how Apple has recently been releasing features and service highlights to electronic consumers.

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