Apple’s Maps to be improved?

While the “debacle” over Apple’s badly criticized Maps app/service has already been somewhat quelled, a report from Apple Insider notes that there is a possibility of Apple actually engaged in improving its overall offered services.

Basing its assessment on an update found on the Jobs section of the Apple website, the report cites that there are at least ten job openings related to positions in the Maps development team.

Apple’s Maps to be improved
The job openings and announcements, as the report shares, clearly indicates Apple’s intention of improving its own mapping software and service suite. After all, why would a company call for more than ten professionals to deal with the development of one service suite?

A number of the job advertisements start with the following statement:

The iOS Maps team is looking for a proactive and hardworking software engineer to join our team. The Maps application is used by millions of customers and it’s the best mapping program on any mobile platform. Our team is also responsible for MapKit, the iOS framework that displays maps which is used by countless applications on the App Store.

While it has to be said that Apple’s Maps service had led to a public apology from Apple CEO Tim Cook last year, it appears that Apple is still firm in its resolve of improving its proprietary mapping service solution suite, leaving many industry analysts and experts wondering how a reinvented Maps would go.

Should Apple actually release a new and improved version of Maps, would you actually use it over Google’s? Or do you think this is one area which Apple should just leave untouched?

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