Apple’s new and updated “two-step” verification program

With its first instances having been reported to take place since March this year, Apple recently implemented its new “two-step” identification verification system in more than 10 countries.

Reports from 9to5 Mac indicate that Apple ID Account holders based in Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Germany and more have experienced the new identity verification system, which stands to be part of Apple’s initiatives in making it a global standard.

Apple’s new and updated “two-step” verification program
The premise behind the implementation of the new two-step verification system hails as an extra security measure afforded to Apple ID Account holders, considering the fact that instances of compromised accounts, not necessarily Apple ID Accounts only, have become a common occurrence in these digitally and cloud-based times.

iDevice and Mac owners are required to key in their password and a four-digit verification code to verify their respective identities in the new two-step verification system. The four-digit code can be received via an active Find My Phone app, or via SMS.

The new system, in its overall operational scope may come as a hassle to some users.

However, as an effective measure against unauthorized access to Apple ID Accounts, the system actually works for the security of Apple ID account holders, and shouldn’t be perceived as an “inhibitor” to speedy, convenient access options.

Has the new two-step identification verification system been implemented in your locale? How is it for you? Does it inhibit your convenience in accessing your Apple ID Account, or is it simply business as usual, with the least amount of stress?

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