Apple’s new iPod Nano, at a glance

As the very gadget responsible for building up the rise of the portable media player industry, the iPod stands to be one of the world’s most phenomenal products, one whose standing puts it in level with Sony’s portable cassette player, the Walkman.

The recent release of the 7th generation iPod Nano may not have drawn as much attention as the iPhone 5’s release did, but in no way does this mean that the new iPod Nano is a lightweight product that users should just ignore and forget about.

new 7th Gen iPod Nano
The new 7th Gen iPod Nano

Described to be the largest iPod incarnation, the new 7th generation iPod Nano does away with its predecessor’s “wearable factor”, bringing back a candy-bar design convention that is reminiscent of its 5G version.

Fully touch screen, the new iPod Nano comes with built-in Bluetooth support, and also features the implantation of Apple’s new Lightning port connector. Like its previous version, the new iPod Nano doesn’t run with iOS, but it does have “apps” designed to accommodate the portable needs of today’s average mobile electronic consumer.

To clarify, the new iPod Nano doesn’t have its own App Store, but it does have a range of “apps” like Videos, Music, Nike+ (fitness), Photos, FM Radio, Podcasts and Clock.

Coming with the new EarPods, the new iPod Nano is designed to deliver crisp clear audio, as its bundled headset comes with a built in microphone which users can use in recording memos through the device’s Memos “app”. Built without its own speakers, the new iPod Nano doesn’t have a camera too, nor does it have its own microphone designed on its body.

With its screen measuring 2.5 inches, the new iPod Nano is built to be sturdy and durable, available in different body color options. Rated with a 30 hour battery lifespan for audio, the new iPod Nano’s charge requirement of 3.5 hours makes it the shortest span charge for any known iPod Nano released.

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