Apple’s “Patent War” now includes Google

After Apple’s tiff with its UK site’s issues with its dry apology on the whole Samsung case, the Cupertino-based brand recently “escalated its patent war”, now involving Google.

Keying in on the release of Android 4.1, also known as Jelly Bean, Apple claimed that the operating system does infringe on some of the bases of its patents, a case which came after Apple’s patent infringement claims against the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1.

Apple’s “Patent War” now includes Google
After winning a separate patent infringement case against Samsung last August 2012, the recent move involving Google is said to be the first instance to be noted where Google had been dragged into the “patent wars” of electronic consumer brands.

With the case scheduled for trial by 2014, different online communities and forum sites have been quick in raising their sentiments over the matter, with most getting more and more “sick and tired” of the whole “patent wars” matter.

Though far be it for hardware brands and software developers to not develop and produce products responsibility, the question as to where the “patent wars” would lead to is at the top of every electronic consumer’s mind.

Given how vital gadgets have become in today’s highly digitally driven age, concerns touching up on the actual quality of software and hardware products have been questioned by different netizens, inquiring as to weather the conclusion of the “patent wars” would actually lead to the production of better products or not.

Bottom line, it appears that the “patent wars” are bound to linger on for some time.

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