Apple’s (RED) Contributions reaches $70 million mark

Apple’s (RED) contributions, in the fight against AIDS, recently reached a $70 million mark – as shared by the charity through its official Twitter account.

Posted on (RED)’s official Twitter over the weekend, the money raised hails from Apple’s (Product) RED lineup of iPods and accessories, which essentially was introduced by the Cupertino-based smart devices maker specifically for the cause.

A portion of Apple’s (Product) RED’s sales proceeds go to the Global Fun in the fight against Malaria, Tuberculosis and AIDS.


Based on the charity’s posts, Apple has managed to raise more funds than any other company, anchoring its base on the development on specially made products that are geared for auctions.

In 2013, a unique set of products were included in a (RED) benefit auction, each made by Apple’s Sir Jonathan Ive and industrial designer Mac Newson. Included in the auction were one of a kind items like a (Product) RED EarPods and a Mac Pro.

The one of the kind red-colored Mac Pro (the one that looks like a cylinder), was auctioned for close to $1 million, making it one of the most expensive desktop computers ever built.

As it continues to be one of the world’s leaders in the mobile communications and accessories industry, Apple’s active participation in the (RED) charity’s advocacies says something about how it is more than just about the making of bolder, newer innovative consumer electronics – that it actually is not blind to life’s realities, a start contrast from the disillusioned views many have pegged to be one of the company’s traits.

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