Apple’s Rumored ‘iWatch’

If anything, this year’s CES proved to one and all that today’s competitive developers, manufacturers and brands are keen on churning out gadgets and gizmos that fall into the “wearable technology” spectrum of gadgets.

From smartwatches to tech enabled sports and fitness gear, even high profile brands like Apple have been the subject of countless speculations and “forecasts”, with the rumored iWatch at the top of different “leaks and rumors” newsbits.


With this year’s Mobile World Congress just around the corner, a number of new rumors revolving around the device have recently come up.

One such rumor, which hails from a report coming from China, notes that the alleged “iWatch” may come with optoelectronic sensor technologies, which means that the rumored smartwatch could be used to track a user’s blood oxygen saturation and heart rates.

Based on a feature published by China’s Electrical Engineering Times, another rumor indicates that the device was expected to also come with blood glucose level monitoring capacities, but was scrapped due to the fact that thorough and accurate blood glucose level read-outs are not reliable with where optoelectronic technology is concerned.

At its core, optoelectronic technology works though the process known as pulse oximetry – with most health and wellness products of this class taking shape in “clothes clip” like devices that are “clipped” to the end of a person’s finger.

Though the details of the reports are simply rumors, the fact that Apple has recently hired two experts in the field – Michel O’Reilly and Marcelo Milini Lamego, former executives of Masimo Corp, a pulse oximetry company – gives some plausible dimension to this new “iWatch” specific rumor.

Think the “iWatch” will really come with heart rate monitors?

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