Apple’s “Smart Shoes”

Today, the words mobile, gadget and device are typically found in sentences with the word Apple. After all, the Cupertino-based brand is responsible for developing some of the world’s standards-bearing products.

Shoe is one word that isn’t really something typically found in sentences with “Apple”, but a report from Apple Insider went ahead and put them together.

Apple Smart Shoes
Reported to have been discovered in a patent application, Apple’s “Smart Shoes” essentially entails the installation of sensors in footwear items, basically designed to inform its wearers when a pair of shoes’ soles are worn out.

As an innovation, it essentially targets different persons from different walks of life, from the average office worker to the avid runner or triathlete.

Made of three primary components, the “smart shoes” essentially works with a sensor built into the shoe, a system that collects and detects data and an alarm system that informs wearers that the time for new shoes has come. It also includes the innovative use of piezoelectric flexing sensors, as well as pressure-sensitive sensors in properly assessing a given shoe’s overall wearable condition.

As it is, the patent has raised questions over just where Apple intends to go in the future with its product offerings, given the fact that shoes aren’t part of its carried line of products.

With talk of Apple seriously considering taking part in the home appliances market, the notion of a pair of Apple branded shoes is still a bit off, but as the brand’s innovative approach in the design, development and creation of products has shown, is not a likely impossibility to come.

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