Apple’s smartphone standing in the US

Gathered data from the MobiLens service by comScore note that one out of three smartphone users in the US is an iPhone user, with the same report backing Apple’s claims of its growing market share in the mobile arena.

With the MobiLens report’s data gathering time-frame ascribed to have ended by July, the report notes that both the iOS and Android mobile operating systems are playing the “major player roles” in the mobile standards in the US, with the iOS’ competition having captured 52% of the market.
Apple’s smartphone
Apple, based on the data of the same report, is noted to have captured 33.4% of the market, while other players such as BlackBerry showed evident wavering performance stats.

The report notes that out of 234 million Americans (aged 13 years old and older), a significant number of that figure owns one mobile Samsung item (25.6%), followed by a number of LG mobile phone users (18.4%).

The iPhone falls in third place in the said ranking (16.3%), followed after other well known brands like Motorola and HTC (respectively at 11.2% and 6.4%).

The data featured in the report reveals that Nokia’s standing as a leader in the overall mobile arena has somewhat become “shaky”, even amidst the heralded popularity of its Lumia series.

Sony also failed to make it in the top 5 of the ranking, which pretty much makes the top three contenders as Samsung, LG and Apple.

With Apple recently releasing the iPhone 5, and matched with the release of the new iOS 6 (though certain issues revolving around the new mobile operating system have come up), things appear to be going well for the Cupertino-based brand.

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