Apple’s Stock Prices going High and Higher

Amidst all the courtroom sessions it is involved in, Apple has managed to easily raise their stock prices higher, a feat that isn’t entirely an easy thing to do given the highly competitive nature of the gadgets and mobiles industry.

Based on reports hailing from Nasdaq, an “all-time high” is currently experienced by Apple’s Stock Prices, rating at $645 per share during mid-day trading last Friday. The said increase in stock prices is linked with the highly anticipated release of different models from the brand’s product lineup, with the “iPhone 5”, “iPad Mini”, iPod nano, iPod touch and the rumored iTV or Apple TV.

Apple’s Stock Prices going High and Higher
Given that Apple’s traditional launch schedule is fast approaching, the brand, as rumors would indicate, intends to unify the launch of a series of its products in one go. Though this is not the first time that a brand would actually launch a series of its products in one occasion, Apple’s standing as the “BMW” or “Ferrari” of mobile phones has strengthened and reinforced its performance in the stock market.

Since the launch of the first iPhone, the smartphone series has become the standard maker of smartphone conventions, even though it actually isn’t the first smartphone to actually sport is operational dynamic.

This fact goes along with the iPod series of multimedia players which came out during the early 2000’s, which, in truth, wasn’t the first device of its class to come out with the portable-hard-drive-and-built-in-player-software concept, with the first item of its type being credited to the Creative brand with their ZEN series of portable media players.

Still, though Apple is not exactly the first to come up with such devices, the brand has done well with its enhanced takes over the said products, a quality which now contributes to the standing its stock prices are experiencing.

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