Apple’s wireless charging “invention”

In what has been described as another potential patent infringement case being embarked by Apple, the Cupertino-based brand recently attempted to patent wireless charging, to which the Alliance for Wireless Power was keen on upon hearing about the move.

With the patent application 20120303980, Apple asserts that they have mastered a wireless charging system, one which works with the principles of magnetic resonance in charging the battery of a device within a meter’s range, negating the need for close proximity contact between a power source and a device’s power-charging terminal.

Apple’s wireless charging “invention”
However, the Alliance for Wireless Power has been forecasted by different media outfits to definitely look into the mater, comparing its own blueprints with the ones Apple had submitted for the patent.

The Alliance for Wireless Power essentially combines different organizations and entities, including Samsung, Apple’s main rival in the mobile market and in the patents-arena, and Qualcomm.

Given the added convenience points promised in wireless charging, the technology is naturally being looked into by brands, and given how “fickle” the utilization of patented technologies have been of late, brands and developers are naturally inclined to take on a defensive stance over the actual release and development of a device that is capable of wireless charging.

As it is no secret that most of the new smartphone and tablet releases don’t really offer anything new to electronic consumers, save perhaps bigger processor, screen size and storage space specifications, gadget makers can’t be blamed for giving focus and emphasis on the prospects of wireless charging.

It is hoped that when the potential patent issues and concerns revolving around the tech is resolved, the grand scheme of brands and brand dominance won’t do a number in the actual proliferation of the technology.

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