Arrived: New iPhone 4S Cases with a bigger camera hole

Recently all the focus has been on the iPhone launch and its acessories. BGR claims that AT&T stores have redesigned  iPhone 4S cases with a difference in the opening for the camera. There has been speculations that the camera sensor may have been changed in the new device for the 8 megapixel camera.

Since Apple are introducing the new iPhone 4S with improved internals and better camera then it is only logical to expect that the camera sensor will be larger than the current iPhone camera sensor.

The following BGR posts photos show the mentioned above.

Meanwhile, there have been other posts at Chronicwire of a case box that was labeled specifically for iPhone 4S. There has also been claims that Otterbox has produced about 3,000,000 cases for the iPhone 4S.

There have been previous reports that at least one Apple store got a batch of iPhone 4 bumper cases that did not fit. Customers had feedback suggestions that the bumper was too tight for the iPhone and that there were some button alignment miss fit. There were different explanations following this tip, however this was not heard from any other source.

The leaked photos of the back of the N94 prototype that was said to be  the basis for the iPhone 4S does not seem to be a physical enlargement to the back camera, even though we have received claims stating that the sensor might be changing. Also there have been photos taken my Apple employees which was given in evidence to suggest an 8 megapixel camera.

As you must have heard previously that there is a planned launch this October, however there is still talk about what the models that is going to be launched it. There is still much talk about whether it will be the iPhone 4S or the iPhone 5 or both.


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