Australian Airline to offer the use of iPads for Passenger entertainment

Australia’s Qantas airline, based on a report featured in the Hindustan Times, is intent on adding a new feature in the in-flight amenities for its trips between Honolulu and Sydney – the use of iPads which are to be integrated with the Australian carrier’s Q Streaming in-flight entertainment system.

iPads for Passenger entertainmentEssentially allowing passengers with the option of tapping onto a plane’s featured Wi-Fi connection with provided for iPads, the service certainly comes as nifty, as those who’ve experienced long intercontinental trips would certainly agree.

Through the new service, passengers could easily gain access to music, movies and television shows, as well as spend time reading up on digital publications. Subsequent updates to the service are noted to include access to interactive games, as well as access to business-related apps and other value-added services.

Initially offered as an in-flight entertainment option in 2011, the updated iPad service is essentially positioned as an offering available for all classes, allowing all passengers of Honolulu-Sydney flights with the chance of spending time browsing the net or immersing themselves in movie titles and shows.

Originally offered in one 767 aircraft, the new services is aimed towards being made available in all of the Australian carrier’s refurbished 767 Honolulu-Sydney fleet.

Considering that iOS devices account for 84% of in-flight web traffic in the United States, Qantas offered service doesn’t come as off, nor is it steeped on what many would describe as frivolous.

Given that electronic devices like the iPad are steadily becoming mainstay consumer devices, Qantas upcoming service certainly gives new value to the ideals of in-flight entertainment and featured amenities

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