How to Get Your iPad Ready for Work


Sure, making your i-tablet an extension of your work can have its practical reasons. Lightweight enough as a carry around, you’ll easily breeze through a mall or a train keeping the device in hand - devoid of thievery, of course. But getting your … [Read more...]

Help Reduce Global Warming, Get a Lyft on Your iPhone


Most people have the luxury to drive around town with their cool rides. But there are some who don't or can't because they're too young to have one or it's not available at the moment. Two years ago, this is an opportunity for the taxi cabs, but … [Read more...]

Google Glass Temporarily Available for a Limited Offer

google glass

If you're a fan of tech wearables, then you might want to check and place an order of Google Glass before the 15th of April. For a limited offer sale that's only available tomorrow, Google Glass is said to be sold at $1,500. Think it's expensive? It … [Read more...]

Selfiepods for Selfie Addicts

selfie stick

Like taking selfie images? No worries 'cause selfiepods or selfie sticks are now available on the market. It sounds like a joke, but this thing is real, even Benro manufactures it. One website (perhaps out of humor) even calls it the "Zuckerberg" … [Read more...]

iPhone 6, Rumored to be Out by September

apple logo glass

If you predicted higher resolution and bigger screens, it's 90% guaranteed. The new iPhone 6 is said to be out by September according to Nikkei daily. Similar to the iPhone 5 scheme of going out in two versions, the iPhone 6 will also have a 4.7 … [Read more...]

App Filters Calls Through Brain Waves

Good Times App with Developer

Have you heard of Bionic Limbs? This is robotic limb especially made for physically challenged people. The artificial limb automatically responds to brain waves in the nervous system so the person can use it just like an ordinary limb. It's the same … [Read more...]

How to Maximize Your Tablet Use


If you’ve bought your tablet just to check on those emails, then you could be severely limiting your device, not to mention your life. And whether you’re into a Steve Job creation (along with its iconic iPad mini keyboard case) or you’re leaning … [Read more...]

JamUp Pro for the iOS

jamup pro

As the world’s best Guitar and Bass Guitar multi-effects processor for the iPhone and iPad, JamUP pro has effectively helped countless guitar and music pros accomplish their auditory goals and aims. Featuring a single amp that is complemented by 6 … [Read more...]

Apple rolls out another OSX 10.9.3 Beta


Apple recently rolled out another beta version for developers of its OSX 10.9.3 operating system, close to a week after a first version release was launched. As with most OSX beta release versions, the second installment came with enhancements and … [Read more...]

App Store for iOS devices gets an update


Apple recently released an updated version of its App Store app for iDevices, featuring a new updated in-store notifications system and enhanced support for gift card purchases. For iPhone handsets, the update brings App Store to version 2.9.2, … [Read more...]