On the iPhone 5S Rumor: Let’s Just Keep Our Fingers Crossed

iPhone 5S Rumor

Just when the iPhone 5 was released about two months ago, rumors are now going on that Apple is preparing for a trial test production of the iPhone 5S this December and will be released shortly after sometime in the early of 2013. So, for those out … [Read more...]

Apple’s Scuffgate Brouhaha


With close to 5 million sales in just a few days alone and while millions more wait in expectation for their orders to arrive, Apple is now bombarded with ScuffGate concerns. Now, what is ScuffGate and what is Apple doing to abate this problem? … [Read more...]

AC/DC finally on iTunes

AC/DC finally on iTunes

As it is no secret that Apple’s iTunes has become a veritable avenue where music purchases and album discoveries can take place, it is also no secret that there are a number of artists who have taken a “hold out” stance in featuring their music in … [Read more...]

BeejiveIM with Push for the iOS


As instant messaging’s value as an electronic communication avenue is more and more used in the workplace, the informal days of “chatting” is fast coming to an end, with countless professionals actually utilizing IM portals as a communication means … [Read more...]

Apple Certified Refurbished Products on eBay

Apple Certified Refurbished Products on eBay

Given the way gadget brands have been quick in releasing new models on a regular basis, the refurbished products market is rapidly gaining traction, highlighting a number of relatively new products whose prices are at a fraction of their original … [Read more...]

End of Messages (Beta) Services to come by Dec 14

End of Messages (Beta) Services to come by Dec 14

Beta users of Apple’s Messages Beta service feature received an email announcement from Apple recently, with the message noting that the Messages beta service/program feature will come to an end by December 14, 2012. Featured in the Mountain Lion … [Read more...]

Lapse It Pro – Time Lapse Pro 1.4

Lapse It Pro – Time Lapse Pro

As a unique photography-inclined app for the iOS, Lapse It affords its users with an intuitive means of easily capturing and creating time-lapse photographs using their portable iDevices, allowing them to create unique photo compositions that can’t … [Read more...]

Apple, $20 million and the Swiss Railway Clock Design

Swiss Railway Clock Design

We last touched up on reports of how Apple’s new clock design closely resembled an iconic clock design sported in Swill Railway Clocks. Designed by Hans Hilfiker in 1944, the issue has somewhat been raised by different media outfits, given how … [Read more...]

The iPhone 5’s Scrolling “glitch”


Just as complaints regarding the hardware builds of Microsoft’s Surface have come up, a “glitch” involving the iPhone 5 stands as a corollary contrast to the Microsoft-made tablet’s problem. Initially reported by CMA Megacorp, an established iOS … [Read more...]

LTE-capable iPad Minis to roll out within the next couple of days

iPad Mini

As the iPad Mini was unveiled to the world in late October this year, the initial release of the gadget only featured the release of the device’s Wi-Fi only versions, with the release of its cellular-capable versions said to come after. For those … [Read more...]