Something which Apple should watch out for


In what has been described as “Samsung’s chance in getting back at Apple”, rumors of a potential “avenue” where Samsung can bring Apple to court have come up, with this rumor coming out within a week after the iPhone 5’s official … [Read more...]

The iPhone 5’s current achievements


Though still in its pre order status, the iPhone 5 has managed to rake in its own share of achievements, outperforming the Intel Atom processor line in a JavaScript test. Also, though a delay of pre order deliveries generally comes as bad news, … [Read more...]

iPhone 5 preorders: 2 million within 24 hours


As the ongoing “forum wars” of iPhone fans and iPhone detractors are still ongoing – though not as animated as it was in the past couple of days – iPhone recently revealed that preorders for the iPhone 5 had topped 2 million preorders within a 24 … [Read more...]

Samsung fights back

samsung fights back

A number of reports have lately been circulating online, touching up on Samsung’s intention to run a series of “anti-Apple” advertisements focusing on a comparative take on the Korean brand’s Galaxy S III and Apple’s recently debuted iPhone … [Read more...]

Wozniak’s hopes on the iPhone 5

Wozniak’s hopes on the iPhone 5

As Apple recently celebrated the unveiling of its newest iPhone 5, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak raised his sentiments and expectations over the new smartphone in an interview with Bloomberg. Particularly focused on the quality of images one can … [Read more...]

History of the Iphone


Check it HERE … [Read more...]

The iPhone 5’s rumors and “leaks” tuned out to be right on the dot

iphone5 rumors

In what has been described as an anticlimactic official launch, the unveiling of the newest iPhone – the iPhone 5 – revealed more than just the newest smartphone version of the iPhone series, but also proved that the past rumors and “leaks” … [Read more...]

iOS 6’s Features, Released


As news of Apple’s win over Samsung has been the headlines of numerous tech venues and avenues – along with how supermodel Kate Upton brought her iPhone with her during a Samsung event – the announced feature set to come with the iOS 6 has somewhat … [Read more...]

Apple’s Stock Prices going High and Higher

Apple’s Stock Prices going High and Higher

Amidst all the courtroom sessions it is involved in, Apple has managed to easily raise their stock prices higher, a feat that isn’t entirely an easy thing to do given the highly competitive nature of the gadgets and mobiles industry. Based on … [Read more...]

How an OS X 10.8.1 Beta version is better

OS X 10.8.1 Beta

The sentiments of an unnamed developer has recently raked in a lot of attention, with the said sentiments noting how efficient the OS X 10.8.1 Beta is better in the utilization of a MacBook’s battery life. Disclosing his views to Softpedia, the … [Read more...]