Speculations revolving around iPod nano shortage

iPod nano

As the rumors of a “full range device update” is forecasted to be for Apple this September/October, speculations involving and revolving around the shortage of current iPod nano models are reinforcing the possibility of the said rumor. With the … [Read more...]

The “iPad Mini’s” alleged thickness

The “iPad Mini’s” alleged thickness

With form playing a crucial role in the success of Apple’s line of mobile gadgets, a number of inquiries have turned to question how thick the fabled “iPad Mini” would be, the said smaller-sized version of Apple’s endearing iPad series rumored to … [Read more...]

The iPhone and text message “spoofing”

iphone-texting spoofing

In response to the increasing reports of text message “spoofing” incidents, Apple reminds every iPhone user to maximize the use of iMessage, the brand’s very own SMS-based message service feature. Reports of a hack which allows users to “send” … [Read more...]

Jobs named as one of the 20 Most Influential Americans of All Time


Time Magazine, in its ever-endearing lists features, recently ran one which named Steve Jobs as one of the 20 Most Influential Americans of All Time. Chronologically ordered, the list included some of the greatest Americans ever known to be, with … [Read more...]

Mountain Lion’s “performance”


A report hailing from Chitika Insights notes that Mountain Lion, Apple’s latest Mac OS X release, is performing quite well. With 3.2 % of web traffic revealed to have been recorded within the first two days since its release, the Mac operating … [Read more...]

The Braven 625 – The Bluetooth made for your iPhone


Lightweight, portable and reasonably priced, the Braven 625 is the perfect Bluetooth speaker for iPhone owners, combining enhanced Bluetooth connectivity and control features in delivering quality audio outputs. Sporting a look and feel that is … [Read more...]

Rumor has it

OS X Mountain Lion

Its no secret that there’s a lot of things going on with Apple, from the recent launch of the latest Mac OS X Mountain Lion, to the ongoing rumors circulating around the new iDevices pegged to come out within the year. As active as Apple has been, … [Read more...]

And the iPod, too, gets some time in the limelight


With analysts convinced that the new iPhone and the said iPad Mini are bound to come out along with the official launch of the iOS 6 this September, another rumor touching up on the iPod had recently come out, to the tune of all the other iDevice … [Read more...]

Lion goes “extinct” as Mountain Lion is out

Mac OSX Lion

A CNET report tells about the “extinction” of Apple’s OSX Lion as the newer Mountain Lion OS rolled out last July 25, 2012. Taken down from Apple’s App Store and in various Apple retail venues, the said “extinction” followed after the impromptu … [Read more...]

Download OS X Mountain Lion for Mac

Download OS X Mountain Lion for Mac

Hardware and software made for each other. Since the software built into every Mac is created by the same company that makes the Mac, you get a fully integrated system in which everything works together perfectly. OS X works with the processor in … [Read more...]