Awesome Calendar for the iPhone – Not Just a Name

With the iPhone’s fully featured status, its use as a productivity tool has helped countless businessmen, office workers and field agents accomplish duties and tasks, maximizing the use of modern communication technologies in an effort for everyone to be on the same page.

For the average iPhone user, the device has also simplified schedule organization needs, with application features designed to streamline and simplify tech considerations.

Given its enhanced functionality in organizing and managing schedules, one would think that the iPhone’s features are fully packed as they are. However, the use of third party applications – like Awesome Calendar – enhances schedule management and organization tasks even some more.

Why opt for Awesome Calendar?

As other iPhone Calendar apps highlight quick schedule input features, automatic schedule notification benefits and copy/paste/exporting commands, Awesome Calendar comes with enhanced Google Calendar support, which allows for the easy management of to-do lists and the easy synchronization of stored Google Calendar data.

Awesome Calendar also allows for the creation of notes (with photo annotations) and even check weather reports and forecasts, which makes it perfect for all sorts of scheduling needs, from organizing holidays to maintaining team project time frames and projections.

With enhanced Google Calendar support, Awesome Calendar can easily synchronize Google Calendars, which means that a team of members could easily gain access to for-team-use calendars.

For home users, the enhanced Google Calendar support of Awesome Calendar allows for an online cloud-based backup option for their calendars, which can be updated and synchronized in real time.

If you think your iPhone’s Calendar is quite the app, give Awesome Calendar a go. You’ll surely ask yourself how you managed to work without it.

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