Badabing! – An iOS App designed to “parse” Bikini pics posted on FB

As different apps for the iOS and Android operating systems are known to prevail, a number of “strange” or “weird” applications have also rolled out, with particular functions tailor-cut to suit the particular needs of particular users.

From apps designed to do only one particular task, to apps developed to address a set of specific functions which can’t be described as important to everyone, apps designed to readily parse through different “information and content pools” have also been developed, allowing its users instant access to whatever information they have want or need of.

Badabing! – An iOS App designed to “parse” Bikini pics posted on FB
Badabing! would be one good example.

Badabing! – Making bikini photos posted on FB easy to find

In a nutshell, Badabing! is an app that makes the search for bikini or pool photos in Facebook easy.

Working on an image parsing technology that readily searches for skin appearing in photos, the app only requires its users’ Facebook access details, then simply allows users to sick the app in looking for pool or beach photos in FB Photo Albums.

Classified as a “Special Networking” type of app, Badabing! is up for grabs at $1.99.

Given that the app simply searches or parses through publicly available photo albums, Badabing! can’t be really described as anything illegal or anything along those lines. It does however begs to ask who its users would be, particularly on what goes on in their heads.

Ultimately, the app remains to be a “novelty” item in the world’s roster of available apps, one which kinda has its own value to a set of particular users.

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