Battle Monkeys for the iOS

Developed by Geek Beach, Battle Monkeys for the iOS has steadily been raking in new followers, with the game title’s enhanced 3D gameplay features.

Also developed with multi-player support, the title affords for countless hours of fun between iDevice users, regardless if an iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, 3rd to 5th Gen iPod Touch or iPad is being talked about.

Requiring iOS version 4 or later, the title may be enhanced for the iPhone 5’s featured hardware specifications, but it is not limited to it when enhanced gameplay experiences are being talked about.

battle Monkeys
Battle Monkeys 1.2.7

As a game, Battle Monkeys requires its players to delve into a world where they are in control of a small army of monkey warriors, who are locked in a battle against other warrior monkey groups.

Featuring more than a thousand outfit custom combinations, players can also readily assign different monkey warriors with different battle specialties, with the game’s engaging graphics and soundtrack adding a significant zing when immersed battles are underway.

With support for live online multiplayer sessions, Battle Monkey players can easily find new challengers and challenges through its online multiplayer support, always leaving players with new contenders to go against with.

With different in-game level ups and warrior monkey types to unlock, the game title will certainly sate the multigaming challenge sought for by the most competitive of gamers.

For hard core gamers with iOS devices, Battle Monkeys is a nifty game title to have in one’s mobile, bound to be a frequently run app that leads to countless hours of fun and excitement.

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