Believe or not you will be able to connect to your home WIFI by your iPad or MacBook 60 miles away far from home!!!

When i heard this for the first time i didn’t believe and wondered about the ability of being true and how that could be happened but when i heard about the new Super WIFI from apple would allow your MacBook to connect with your Time Capsule from up to 62 miles away. and know more bout it i realized how that’s amazing

So you know the standard 802.11n WiFi that you can find in every Apple product, from your MacBook to your iPhone? The IEEE — which is the standards organization that governs all of WiFi — has just officially publishedWiFi’s next-gen standard, IEEE 802.22.

Utilizing white space frequencies that were previously hogged up by analog television broadcasts, IEEE 802.22 will allow you to transfer data at speeds up to 22Mbps to devices as far as 100 kilometers from the nearest transmitter.

The possibilities are obvious: as long as you are within an hour’s drive of your house, you could use Super WiFi to connect to the internet on your iPhone, iPad or MacBook.

Of course, standards being published are much different than hardware shipping, and we may have a while to wait before the first Super WiFI MacBooks start pumping out, but with the publication of the spec, Super WiFi just got a big step closer to being a part of all of our lives.


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