Belkin’s Thunderstorm speakers for the iPad

As one of the featured devices in Macworld, Belkin’s Thunderstorm easily brings new meaning to the concept of “room-filling audio” for iPad owners.

Essentially a speaker attachment device, the Thunderstorm is described to be a handheld home theater device that easily delivers superb audio content by sending air along the channels which are built into it.

With five speaker drivers, the Thunderstorm is available in black and silver body colors, doing well in properly fitting with the size standard of the iPad.

Belkin’s Thunderstorm  speakers for the iPad
Apart from the evident sound clarity iPad users can experience from the device, the Thunderstorm is boasted to actually have “tangible” audio features, truly immersed in its small, compact form.

Easy to fit on an iPad and also easy to take out, the device comes with its own “kickstand”, allowing iPad users to easily enjoy listening to its superior audio deliveries while watching movies or simply listening to music. Battery powered, the device also bears the true mobility and portability norms, negating the necessity for it to be plugged to the wall while in use.

As developers of quality iDevice accessories and peripherals, Blelkin has long had its take on quality products, from iPad cases, attachment or wireless keyboards and enhanced speaker systems.

The Thunderstorm, as a handheld home theater system, does well in living up to Belkin’s take on quality, with an impressive form and audio delivery performance rate.

All in all, it certainly does live up to its “thunderstorm” namesake, something which not all products of its class can do.

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