Best Apps to Help You Write Better Faster

When multiple deadlines, and professors each demanding papers of distinct topics, you may need more than just a typewriter or for that matter your fave word processor to get the job done. When the writing gets tough, it’s high time you get the best writing tools for the job.

And unless you live somewhere near Mt. Everest, you need not turn your back on man’s biggest resource: the internet. Like a vast ocean, the world wide web is your writing ally – whether you’re an Android fanatic or a fun-loving, iPad on its iPad mini keyboard loyalist. Just make sure you turn it into a your advantage.
Here are a handful of tools that should give your writing the elegance and style it needs without having them miss their respective due dates:

1. Focus Writer

It’s no joke getting the focus you need to come out with the best juxtaposition of words to get your thoughts across. And though Abraham of the Bible may have his Ten Commandments etched in stone with help from the hand of God, often times, writing is such a tedious process. Well, Focus Writer gives you the peace of mind that you need – most especially if you’re more into writing offline. Plus, with its hidden user interface, you’re guaranteed to send the message across, being witty and sharp.

2. Write Monkey

The analogy’s simple: by focusing your hands on the keyboard you write more. Write Monkey does just that for you so you don’t have to use the mouse to get things done in your documents. Just some timely keyboard shortcuts from Write Monkey and you’re 30% faster already. Cool!

3. Tutorsclass

Well, a great part of writing is doing the research. That need not be a taxing job with Tutorsclass around. This one breaks down for you any unforgiving concept just like having your own personal tutor at your beck and call.

4. Q10

Putting up a site that is dedicated to writing and the writing professional may not be a walk in the park. But Q10 does just that. With its power keyboard shortcuts and a clean environment


It is easy to lose precious time referencing on the details of style on your particular paper. This is exactly where comes in handy. Whether its Chicago or APA or MLA, you need not worry, this tool will get you in the right form in no time.

6. WriteRoom

This one’s like a sanctuary and you’ll never fear you’ll lose those ideas you’ve put into writing. They’re safe. And more than that, WriteRoom frees your mind from the distractions that easily eats up a writer’s focus.

7. Omm Writer

Well, for all those who practice yoga and the art of Zen, this app could provide you the best environment to stir up those creative juices in no time. Here, the app is designed so you can focus on the work in hand – the writing, minus the distractions.

The great thing about Omm is it applies for students from any course, and helps them in whatever kind of paper they are focusing on. The free version is astounding but should you need more of that calming theme, the pain one could your cup of tea.

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