Best Cashless Gift Ideas for Christmas

Christmas will always carry a sense of joy with all the lights and the gift-giving; however, for those who are expected to extend a gift or two (i.e., mothers, fathers, bosses, husbands) Christmas can spell a nightmare – if the list goes any longer. True.

Perhaps, it is for this reason why Mr. Scrooge “scrooged” up and became such a caricature of selfishness. On the other hand, however, with a little imagination, we can turn this little devil around. And find out that there are actually ways to touch lives without shelling a single dime or penny.
Of course, there is no stopping you from buying that iPad mini keyboard case as a gift for your special someone on Christmas Eve. Indeed that would be nice (granting that special someone already has an i-tablet tucked somewhere).

For those who seek the cashless alternative, here are ways of gift-giving without breaking the bank.

1. Time. Time well spent together is beyond measure. It is an act showing how much you really care. Paying a visit or scheduling time together, for instance, can speak volumes of your devotion, something beyond simple words to convey.

At times, it may take some sacrifice to give time. Keep in mind though, in this season of giving most especially, the time you give freely could the best tool you can wield in growing a relationship or igniting a cold one.

2. Compliment. A nurturing environment can be a great boost to everyone. Like water to a dried-up plant.

See the inner good in the people you love and learn to verbalize your thoughts. When you give the gift of compliment, you not only spread wellbeing for your loved ones, you get some in the process.

3. Service. Service can come in the form of cleaning up that garage or pruning those trees. In many ways, the people you serve may have wanted to do these things but didn’t have the time or the energy, like an ailing granddad for instance. It will take a lot of hard work, for sure. But that is a small price to pay for painting a ‘big smile’ on people’s faces.

Also, service could come in the form of taking care of things your special someone loves. For instance, making sure that massive gold fish tank gets all cleaned-up or taking that Chihuahua or pit bull out for a walk. Of course, in the last instance, getting some lessons from Cesar Milan’s “The Dog Whisperer” can be timely.

It may seem overwhelming – at first. More often than not, we equate gift-giving with cash and gifts with a price tag. However, if a person really means a lot to you, you could actually expand the horizon to find ways, dozens of ways to give a gift and extend happiness without losing a shirt.

Needless to say, it all starts with love, real and not imaginary love that is.

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