Best iPad Bluetooth Keyboards

If you want it fast, then iPad is the way to go. No need to physically open it up ( i.e., peculiarities of its netbook predecessor) – it’s just touch and you’re good to go: web surfing, Youtube, unlimited games. Enjoy. No argument there.

However, if you want to get some real work (e.g., emails, writing important memos, presentations) done, you may want to rethink your strategy. You’re going to need a bigger arsenal. The iPad’s got the brain (microprocessor-wise) alright but may not have enough arms. No argument there, either.
iPad Bluetooth Keyboards
Sorrows of an On-screen Keyboard

Just try typing on an on-screen keyboard that takes up almost half – 40% to be exact – of your screen. Not only do you get a smaller screen, you are bound by one reading angle and a cramped keyboard. In time your hands will manifest frustration as typing on a virtual keyboard gets more difficult as you plod along.

Nothing Beats a Real Keyboard

Nothing beats the click and clack of a real keyboard.Perhaps it is because our fingers have a more physical feel that it is able to remember the keyboard terrain – speeding things up.

Now thanks to NFC or near field communication (e.g., Bluetooth) all you need is to pair your iPad to a keyboard device and you’re in control.

But which iPad Bluetooth keyboard? Meet the best iPad bluetooth keyboards (to date):

1. ZaggZaggfolio
2. LogiTechUltraThin Keyboard Cover
3. ClamCase Pro

These keyboards have evolved from the earlier generation of iPadkeyboards, most notably the wireless keyboard that sticks the Apple logo on it – Apple’s Wireless Keyboard. Particularly, this keyboard already makes use of Bluetooth. However, the device does not boast of all-in-one functionality, a feature common in the three products under review.

Epic Keyboard Battle: Effective vs. Efficient

Now herewith are three of the top iPad Bluetooth keyboards in the market today. It is safe to say that their buying power have given them enough bragging rights to be taken up for a review.

However, one must be extra careful in dissecting products. It is easy not to see the forest for the trees. And be captivated by the device architecture and lose sight of functionality.

In this regard, a little Sun-Tzu would definitely help us: Effectivity first before efficiency. Better the man who shedsno blood and wins the war than the one who kills a hundred thousand soldiers and loses it.

So the real question is: Which of these 3 iPad Bluetooth Keyboard does the job best – most particularly in the 3 main functions that these brands offer?

Round 1: Keyboard

ZaggZaggfolio. Though the on/off button of the device is not as eye-catching, it’s simple and very easy to locate. Also, (Bluetooth) pairing is not a problem. As for typing, Zagg provides enough space between keys – very firm and sturdy for easy typing. This is not as wide as the earlier Apple wireless keyboard product. Moreover, product has shortcut keys (e.g., copy, paste, search, volume controls). Just one possible drawback: minute Delete key.

So with regards to keyboard functionality Zagg is a 7 out of 10 points (10 as highest).Excellent.

Zagg score: 7

Logitech Ultrathin.Keyboard dock fits right in – very basic. The plastic keys exude comfort. However, like the Zagg, the product display a less-visible Delete key. Typing becomes a breeze, thanks to a large space bar and dedicated function keys. One thing about the keyboard though is its thinness and may not give you the best tactile feel: It does not depress as much like ordinary keyboards.

Logitech score: 7

ClamCase Pro. An improvement of the original ClamCase, this product use Chiclet-style keys – small but well-spaced out. Though a bit narrow, these keys are well-defined and give just enough typing space. Unlike the Ultrathin the keys will give your finger a deeper travel – deeper depression. The product also boasts of iPad-specific function keys allowing greater versatility in media playback and copy/paste works. As it is the closest thing to a wired keyboard we give the Pro an 8.

Clam Case Score: 8

Round 1 Winner: ClamCase Pro

Round 2: Case

Logitech Ultrathin. Using magnets the keyboard latches and folds right over the iPad (cover). However, this is the thinnest of the 3 and may provide the least protection to your iPad. Well, of course, this makes up for easier travel. Really ultrathin: 0.5 inches.

Logitech score: 6

ZaggZagfolio. As an all-in-one keyboard case, the Zaggfolio cover gives a better job at protecting your iPad than the Ultrathin. Its cover amply protects both the front and back of your iPad while its top can be folded up to prop up the iPad. Added to this, a slot keeps the iPad from slipping.

Zagg Score: 7

ClamCase Pro. ClamCase Pro seems to be a perfect-fit for the iPad. With the ClamCase Pro, the iPad is transformed into a full-pledged netbook or laptop right before your eyes. Closing a ClamCase Pro with an iPad in it is the closest thing to closing a laptop. In the Protection Department though is where ClamCase Pro takes a definitive run for it and leaves the competitor behind: No protection like the ClamCase Pro. If you value your iPad, this could be the best protection money can buy. We would have given it a 10 had it been just a little lighter.

Clam Case Score: 9

Round 2 Winner: Clam Case Pro

Round 3: Stand

Clam Case Pro. This is a very versatile design. Just flip the screen and voila you have an iPad stand minus the keyboard showing. The Apple product stands very securely vertically. What may leave competition in the dust here though is the 360° hinge which the company is getting a patent for. This allows greater reading angles, a feature not found in its entire competitor.

Clam Case Pro score: 9

Logitech Ultrathin. As a basic design, the keyboard provides a slot in which the iPad can stand.Pretty neat. However, one may be limited to a single reading angle no matter the light. Unlike the ClamCase Pro, the Logitech does not offer greater reading flexibility.

Logitech score: 7

ZaggZaggfolio. As a stand Zagg provides a slot that secures the iPad. Like the Logitech product, however, Zaggfolio does not provide wider reading flexibility as a ClamCase would.

Zaggfolio score: 7

Hands down, in the three categories above the ClamCase Pro provides the best keyboard facility, greater stand flexibility, and best protection for your iPad: a clear showcase of effectivity.

What to Buy:

All these three products have their own fortes. For instance, Logitech Ultrathin would be great for the travel-savvy.

However, we put premium into protection and in this regard longevity. Effectivity over efficiency. With all the hustle-bustle, the grit-and-the-grind of today’s everyday hectic life, one thing’s for sure: A broken iPad is no iPad at all.

Now, many may argue price as a factor. Sure it is. But taking a difference of 4 adult burgers at a casual-dining restaurant for a package of Total Protection for my iPad, I’d take ClamCase Pro anytime. Not to mention the $20 coupon price off available today.

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