Better night shots with your iPhone

When the concept of the first camera-phone came about, many were quick to get them, only to find that though the gadget could take pictures, the quality of the photos taken using camera phones isn’t at par against those used with a digital camera.

The iPhone, which is a camera enabled mobile phone, can readily take photos, though not exactly as high quality as a dedicated digital camera could. However, this doesn’t mean that an iPhone user can’t take better night time photos with the mobile.

Here are two night shot tips for iPhone users, which would greatly help in capturing great night shot images.

The value of steady hands – the iPhone Camera’s night mode setting pretty much involves slowing down the camera’s shutter speed, in allowing more light to enter its aperture, thereby resulting to photo lighting qualities.

So when taking shots at night and in night mode, keeping the iPhone steady is a must, since the iPhone Camera’s aperture will be open for a significant period of time (for a couple of seconds more than on regular settings) and not holding it steady would result to blurred or blurry photos.

Finding the right spot – in certain night shot cases, like in capturing images of fireworks, finding an ideal spot greatly pays off, since the right spot would give iPhone users more time in preparing for photo compositions.

In the case of fireworks photos, finding a spot that is upwind of the actual fireworks is a good idea, since smoke from below won’t interfere with the composition of photos.

Using the iPhone’s hands-free kit as a remote clicker – the iPhone’s hands-free kit can be utilized as a remote clicker, and as such, helps do away with jarring or shaking the iPhone when taking night shots.

With one hand holding the iPhone steady while the other controls the iPhone Camera’s shutter button via the hands-free kit, night shots are better taken, without the blurry qualities which occur when iPhone users press the camera’s button.

Take note of these night shot tips, and you’ll get to capture memorable photos with your iPhone, even in low light conditions.

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