BlackBerry’s Global Creative Director tweets using an iPhone

In what has been now likened to last year’s Oprah Winfrey-Microsoft Surface “bungle”, BlackBerry’s new Global Creative Director – Alicia Keys – is reported to have tweeted about Drake’s new album using an iPhone.

Keys claims that the said Tweet is the result of a hacking incident, a practice which has become more and more prevalent in today’s highly social media-driven times.

The Tweet is noted to have talked about the new “Started from the Bottom” album, with the already-deleted Tweet noted to read “Started from the bottom now were here!”.

In an updated post, Keys shares,


With Keys being BlackBerry’s new Global Creative Director, a member of the brand’s corporate group, the said iPhone-posted tweet doesn’t look good for the pop star, considering her position with the company.

Though it is unclear if Key’s Twitter had been hacked or not (with the possibility that we may never know), the news bit once again raises the question of how much certified “brand ambassadors” actually do endorse the brands they are supposed to endorse.

As it is true that competition between gadget brands have been stiff, different marketing strategies have been borne from that competition, with Key’s induction as BlackBerry’s Global Creative Director being noted to be one of the most recently announced.

Not that Key’s is or isn’t in the position to actually fulfill the duties of a Global Creative Director, the recent Tweet “incident” somewhat questions the validity and relevance of having celebrities endorse certain products, only to find them opting for the competition.

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