Blockbuster On Demand for the iOS now available

Movie rental company Blockbuster recently released its Blockbuster On Demand for the iOS app, with the application developed to facilitate on demand video streaming tasks.

blockbuster-appAcquired by the Dish Network in 2011, Blockbuster filed for bankruptcy in 2010, with its acquisition resulting to the debut of its on demand video streaming services by 2012.

With the new Blockbuster On Demand app available for the iOS, iDevice users can easily enjoy thousands of movies in surround sound and HD clarity.

As a suite, the Blockbuster On Demand application can work with a number of iDevices, including iPhone handsets, iPads and iPod Touch units. Its in-app features includes the capacity to filter movie titles based on Rotten Tomato ratings, as well as affording users with the option in saving selected titles to a Watchlist.

While the overall scope of Blockbuster On Demand is essentially no different from Netflix, the app-service suite is different in the sense that it works on a pay-per-view business model.

While Netflix’s monthly subscription standard does have its upsides, those who aren’t that keen on constantly viewing movies and videos using their portable devices can gain a lot from Blockbuster On Demand.

Simple in its overall scope and straightforward in its rates and pricing terms, the Blockbuster On Demand app is downloadable for free, with its in-app rentals rated to cost at either $2.99 or $4.99 price terms.

iDevice users who are keen on occasionally watching videos and movies using their handhelds will find a lot to love about the new Blockbuster On Demand for the iOS.

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