Can iOS Maps actually beat Google Maps?

With Apple’s Maps software-service already noted to be one of the brand’s more well known failures, the question if the current updated versions of the suite can beat Google’s Google Maps has been raised and asked.

Can iOS Maps actually beat Google MapsBundled with the release of the iOS 6 last year, the software-service suite was so badly received that it actually led Apple’s CEO to a public apology, and has even led Apple in changing its stance towards allowing for the installation of Google’s Google Maps for the new iOS platform.

However, the negative reviews of the software-service suite hasn’t swayed Apple’s resolve in improving it, as noted in a report by The Loop.

Based on the report, a new iOS Maps version comes with “Flyover Support” for 15 new cities, along with updates in its 3D building rendering features. Enhancements for its turn-by-turn navigation system are also noted to have been implemented into the new version, just as point of interest locations have been updated as well.

Tweaks and fixes are also noted to be among the highlights of the new iOS Maps version, essentially implemented in enhancing the overall experience users can gain from using the product.

We last talked about how Apple has shown its intentions in improving its in-house mapping service offering, posting job hiring announcements last month.

Given how negatively received the initial launch of the service had been on September last year, the release of the new iOS Maps comes as Apple’s newfound resolution in offering its users a smarter and more intuitive iOS Maps.

But will it actually beat Google’s Google Maps in the long run?

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