New Nokia 3310 release date is HERE (and yes, it comes with Snake preinstalled)


The Nokia 3310 is back! Nokia unveiled its reimagining of the modern classic on-stage today during its press conference at the Mobile World Congress tradeshow, in Barcelona. According to Nokia, the refreshed 3310 is “thin, light and … [Read more...]

Apple’s 8GB iPhone 5C

apple iphone 5C 8 GB

When Apple unveiled the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C last year, the company made it clear that the 5C was intended to be the less costly variant of the latest iPhone line, positioned with a lower price point intended for the consumption of emerging … [Read more...]

“iPhone 6” rumors sparks increased interests

iphone 6 colors

Amidst all the talk of Apple NOT likely to roll out an iPhone with a screen that’s more than 5 inches in size, the alleged sketches of an “iPhone 6” – depicted to come with a bigger-sized screen – has sparked significant interest figures from … [Read more...]

How Philips’ W6618 beats the iPhone

Philips W6618

The iPhone, without a doubt, remains to be one of the best selling smartphone options in the world, consistently earning a top spot in countless smart device rankings and comparison charts. From the first gen iPhone to the current iPhone 5S and … [Read more...]

Rumors surrounding this year’s iPads

ipad 2

Talking to AppleInsider, the analysis of KGI’s Ming-Chi Kuo has once again sparked a range of rumors revolving around Apple’s planned product refreshes this year, specifically focusing on the iPad line. Based on Kuo’s information, 2014’s iPads are … [Read more...]

The Galaxy K: A new addition to the Samsung’s Galaxy family


Amidst all the rumors of this year’s “iPhone 6” expected to come with interchangeable lenses for its primary camera, Samsung recently announced the upcoming unveiling of a new addition to its Galaxy series – the Galaxy K – a smartphone which … [Read more...]

Cool, New Handset for 5-year Olds and Up


Most of the time, we see kids using tablets for games these days, perhaps the age has come for them to have their new handsets as well. While other parents would think that kids should not have one for many good reasons, a new handset, WeGo, released … [Read more...]

iPhone 6, Rumored to be Out by September

apple logo glass

If you predicted higher resolution and bigger screens, it's 90% guaranteed. The new iPhone 6 is said to be out by September according to Nikkei daily. Similar to the iPhone 5 scheme of going out in two versions, the iPhone 6 will also have a 4.7 … [Read more...]

Poll reveals that the iPhone is the most valued smartphone in emerging markets

asians want iPhone

Amidst all the talk of Apple losing its touch with the latest iPhone handsets, the results of a poll conducted by Ovum and Upstream reveal that the iPhone is still the most valued or most wanted smartphone in emerging markets. Conducted in … [Read more...]

The $25 Firefox Smartphone


If there's a smartphone at a price of $25, would you directly buy it, or hesitate before doing so? The first thing that would come to mind is the quality and its capacity. This smartphone by Mozilla will be released by the end of 2014 at a … [Read more...]