Windows Rumors: 70% price cuts and Android apps on Windows 8


After the rumors of Microsoft intent on rolling out Office for the iPad first than for its Windows 8 version, another rumor that essentially says that Microsoft is cutting down its aggressive stance in the market have come up. According to a … [Read more...]

Surface and how it matches up against the iOS


With Surface’s official release date already drawing close (October 26, 2012), a number of pre-release reviewers of Microsoft’s flagship tablet cum laptop have shared their inputs over the device, what electronic users can expect from it and how much … [Read more...]

Cut the Rope Experiments for the iOS

Cut the Rope Experiments for the iOS

As there are graphics-driven games for the iOS, a number of select puzzle and trivia game titles remain to be sought for by iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users, given the simple, no-frills premise working for such games. Cut the Rope Experiments … [Read more...]

The 8mm Vintage Camera App for the iOS

8mm Vintage Camera App for the iOS

Those with a penchant for classic films will find a lot to love about the 8mm Vintage Camera app, an app which allows iOS device users the capacity to record videos with an old-school classic vibe. Essentially an app that works through the … [Read more...]

How an OS X 10.8.1 Beta version is better

OS X 10.8.1 Beta

The sentiments of an unnamed developer has recently raked in a lot of attention, with the said sentiments noting how efficient the OS X 10.8.1 Beta is better in the utilization of a MacBook’s battery life. Disclosing his views to Softpedia, the … [Read more...]

Another “discovered” iOS 6 limitation


The release of the Beta version of Apple’s iOS 6 for mobile devices has been the subject of a lot of queries and “road test trials”, resulting to a number of concerns affecting iOS users, network service providers and Apple. From reactions delving … [Read more...]

iOS in-app hack geared for “free access”

iOS in-app hack geared for “free access”

Last week, reports from MacWorld featured a “hack” in the iOS system, one which allowed for the “free access” for in-app purchases for a given number of apps. The said “hack” is slated to cause concern for a number of app developers, who potentially … [Read more...]