Apple’s 8GB iPhone 5C

apple iphone 5C 8 GB

When Apple unveiled the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C last year, the company made it clear that the 5C was intended to be the less costly variant of the latest iPhone line, positioned with a lower price point intended for the consumption of emerging … [Read more...]

“iPhone 6” rumors sparks increased interests

iphone 6 colors

Amidst all the talk of Apple NOT likely to roll out an iPhone with a screen that’s more than 5 inches in size, the alleged sketches of an “iPhone 6” – depicted to come with a bigger-sized screen – has sparked significant interest figures from … [Read more...]

iPhone 6, Rumored to be Out by September

apple logo glass

If you predicted higher resolution and bigger screens, it's 90% guaranteed. The new iPhone 6 is said to be out by September according to Nikkei daily. Similar to the iPhone 5 scheme of going out in two versions, the iPhone 6 will also have a 4.7 … [Read more...]

Poll reveals that the iPhone is the most valued smartphone in emerging markets

asians want iPhone

Amidst all the talk of Apple losing its touch with the latest iPhone handsets, the results of a poll conducted by Ovum and Upstream reveal that the iPhone is still the most valued or most wanted smartphone in emerging markets. Conducted in … [Read more...]

Windows Rumors: 70% price cuts and Android apps on Windows 8


After the rumors of Microsoft intent on rolling out Office for the iPad first than for its Windows 8 version, another rumor that essentially says that Microsoft is cutting down its aggressive stance in the market have come up. According to a … [Read more...]

iPhone represents 42% of smartphones in the US


A recently conducted survey by the NPD Group reveals that the iPhone took up 42% of smartphone units in the United States in the last quarter of 2013, a figure that’s respectively followed by Samsung, Motorola, LG, HTC and Blackberry. Following … [Read more...]

iPhone 6 concept from Iskander Utebayev

The buzz over the new iPhone 6 concept uploaded in YouTube has caused a stir to Apple fans. Concept from Iskander Utebayev, shows the phone with a wraparound touchscreen with more buttons on the sides. One of the comments is for its impracticality … [Read more...]

iPhone 5s Skins Do More Than Give Your Phone Style

iPhone 5s Skins do much more than add colour and style to your phone. Although an important aspect when it comes to pricier devices such as the iPhone, it is all about protection. Unfortunately some companies offer device skins that do more harm to … [Read more...]

Protect Your Beautiful New iPhone!


So the fantastic new iPhone 5S is upon us! With a massively improved user interface and iOS in place, along with the retention of the excellent chassis and the addition of a truly superb camera, the iPhone 5S really is an impressive step forward. … [Read more...]

Locating the Best SIM Only iPhone Deals in the UK – Where to Start


SIM only deals are becoming more and more popular as people decide to hold onto their handsets and wave goodbye to the two year contract tie-ins of the past. The freedom that comes with a SIM only deal has revolutionised the mobile phone industry and … [Read more...]