How Philips’ W6618 beats the iPhone

Philips W6618

The iPhone, without a doubt, remains to be one of the best selling smartphone options in the world, consistently earning a top spot in countless smart device rankings and comparison charts. From the first gen iPhone to the current iPhone 5S and … [Read more...]

Cool, New Handset for 5-year Olds and Up


Most of the time, we see kids using tablets for games these days, perhaps the age has come for them to have their new handsets as well. While other parents would think that kids should not have one for many good reasons, a new handset, WeGo, released … [Read more...]

The $25 Firefox Smartphone


If there's a smartphone at a price of $25, would you directly buy it, or hesitate before doing so? The first thing that would come to mind is the quality and its capacity. This smartphone by Mozilla will be released by the end of 2014 at a … [Read more...]