ctOS Mobile by Ubisoft, lets you play Watch Dogs through your iPhone

watch dogs ctOS Mobile app

After the game's release date, a lot of gamers have already rubbed their hands, warm them up, and lay on their consoles. But a cool app made by the game's developer itself allows you to play Watch Dogs without having to purchase the game. The app … [Read more...]

Detect metal with your iPhone, install Metal Detector Free

metal detector

Sometimes we interact with strangers for the sake of courtesy. But we'll never know what kind of stranger we run into. Metal Detector Free, is an app created for such purpose. Whether in school or in public places, one will never know this kind … [Read more...]

ZipCar: A powerful rent a car service


There are some apps where you can control several things in your house like the lights, locks, temperature controllers and so on. But while you're going away to a different state and make use of a car rental service, ZipCar is a cool app that lets … [Read more...]

Alfred: An Effective Alternative to Quicksilver


While not originally intent on taking the Quicksilver’s spot as the top Mac OS program designed to streamline the calling of system actions, Alfred is certainly an impressive configurable keyboard shortcut command utility designed for OS X … [Read more...]

Growl: A Notifications Center alternative, with a plus


Mac OS X users are quite familiar with Notifications Center, the operating system’s consolidated junction point for real time updates and notifications. But while the utility affords users with a timely and relevant tool that keeps them updated … [Read more...]

LavaMind’s Beetle Bounce


iDevice owners are sure to love the casual game title value in LavaMind’s Beetle Bounce, a unique arcade game that is calibrated to work well with iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch units. Developed by LavaMind, the title essentially requires players … [Read more...]

Fishing Joy HD


While it’s no secret that advanced high end graphics tend to be a game title’s winning edge, a title that combines an elementally challenging gameplay premise with superior graphics is bound to have a winning edge. Fishing Joy HD would be one good … [Read more...]

A New IM App


Almost everybody gets tired of the upgrades from different apps like Skype, Kakao, Yahoo and several other messengers. The version gets more complicated, scraping away the basic essence of communication. While world-wide messengers get busy for a … [Read more...]

Best App for Learning Languages


We live in a time where learning different languages is an advantage and adds our interests. It doesn't only give us an edge in our careers, intercultural social relationships, and especially business ventures. Duolingo is an addictive app for iPhone … [Read more...]

Download OS X Mountain Lion for Mac

Download OS X Mountain Lion for Mac

Hardware and software made for each other. Since the software built into every Mac is created by the same company that makes the Mac, you get a fully integrated system in which everything works together perfectly. OS X works with the processor in … [Read more...]